Saturday, May 24, 2008


So what more can we offer you besides winning the costume contest and entry into the BIG THREE PRIZES? (See post below)

Well Shiny Swag is our answer. If ever you needed a reason to come to the CSTS event in Memphis - here it is!

The following is a list of global sponsor prizes which can be won at each event: (this means anyone who gets a door prize ticket to be used for the individual door prize auctions and/or winners of the silent auction prizes **) We will be determining which prizes will be door prizes and which will be silent auction prizes in the next week.

Each participating city will recieve one of each of the following items:

Custom Big Damn Hero & Blue Sun Shotglasses with a Browncoat Whiskey Flask

A Serenity Sterling Silver necklace

Serenity Earrings

Serenity Better Days #1 Cover with Cap'n Reynolds and original signature of Nathan Fillion (bought from auction to raise money for Kids Need to Read)

CSTS 2008 T-shirts

Serenity Movie Posters (from original release)

And more being added daily

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