Saturday, May 24, 2008


So what more can we offer you besides winning the costume contest? Well Shiny Swag is our answer. If ever you needed a reason to come to the CSTS event in Memphis - here it is!

FIRST, everyone will get an entry form so that they can enter one of three (1 of 3) very special prize drawings. These are so shiny that only one winner for each CSTS City/Global showing will be forwarded on to CSTS HQ and entered into the big drawing. And these drawings can only be entered by coming to see the movie in Memphis.

PLEASE NOTE that these 3 drawings can ONLY be entered by those who show up in person at the CSTS Memphis screening. Also PLEASE read the conditions (such as what is included and not included if you win)

For these 3 people, we will have a little something extra for you as our Local winners. Chance of winning the main CSTS HQ drawing will depend on how many cities are listed in the total city/global screenings. But there are pretty good odds in any event.

Here's what's up for grabs:

Creation Entertainment


These are our "top of the line" deluxe packages for those that want to experience the entire weekend in the very best way. Seating is done on a when paid basis and seats are assigned in order. Here's what is included in these packages:

1) The very best reserved seatings for daytime convention main auditorium events both days.
2) Complimentary in-person autographs from appearing celebrities offered in a non-hurried manner from guests. So far, you will get to meet and get autographs from ADAM BALDWIN and JEWEL STAITE with more to be announced. On occasion a guest speaker may not be included in the gold packages but generally the major stars are.
3) Complimentary admission to the famous DESSERT PARTY with the stars on Saturday Night. This event, surely a highlight of the convention, is exclusive to GOLD WEEKEND Patrons. Music, delicious desserts, fellow fans from around the globe, celebrities and a cash bar to keep it hopping.
4) Seating at the Sunday Morning Celebrity Brunch, another super-cool exclusive to GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS event. Always awesome! First booked celebrity guest is certainly a favorite: ADAM BALDWIN!
5) First for autographs done row by row. Gold does have its privileges!
6) Pre-Registration so once you get your admission credentials which are special coded wristbnds you don't have to wait again.
7) Complimentary Gold Weekend Patron Exclusive Serenity/Firefly gift. Past gifts at conventions have included a gold coin, a plaque, autographed items, and souvenir carry bags.
8) Gold Weekend Patrons are allowed to drop into the other two conventions going on in the hotel during the weekend (in different ballrooms) on a space permitting basis in general admission. The other two events are The Official STARGATE SG-1/ATLANTIS CONVENTION and Creation's Salute to BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA. Also, the Sunday Breakfast and the Dessert Party are all shared functions of all three conventions and that means THREE TIMES THE CELEBRITIES TO MEET AND THREE TIMES THE FUN! It is going to be WILD!

The GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGE is available in limited quantity for the price of $349.

Sat. & Sun. November 22-23, 2008
The Weekend Before Thanksgiving
Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel
2500 Hollywood Way

DONATION: Two Gold Weekend Package Tickets to SALUTE TO FIREFLY AND SERENITY, a Celebration for Fans
(Winner will be responsible for room, board and transportation.
Winner has a choice of either being mailed the tickets a week or so prior to the event, or they can pick up the tickets at the day of the event at will call. )

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