Saturday, June 28, 2008


Did y'all know that?? How very shiny you are? Because the numbers are pretty much done and I've gotta say, this just blew me away! Our first year and this small but big heart o'gold crew (that would be all of you who bought tickets to the BDM and supported in so many ways) raised:

*drum roll please*

$814.00 for Equality Now!!*
$148.00 for KNTR!!


OMJoss that's incredible! We're going to have pictures and video and other festive things up soon. But I wanted to let y'all know that even after costs, this is what we have to give. I'll be sending a questionnaire out soon asking for feedback - and I hope y'all will fill them out and tell us what you like, what needs improvement and what you wanna see happen next year.

And those of you who got to party/fly with us, did you have a good time? What about Andy our amazing emcee??? And how about those Jayne hats? I'll have a link up here shortly for anyone who wants to order one or two. Also, we'll have a shiny recap up here of who won what and how and so and...

Also for those of you who want a tshirt, they can probably be had for $14-16 a shirt including shipping. So anyone who would like one, please feel free to email me and I'll set that up for you.

All I can say is, you guys so totally ROCK! Thank you for all your support and for an awesome time. Words just kinda fail me right now.

<3 and keep flyin' shiny!

Anne Barringer

*#'s may increase slightly for EN as we're waiting on a last min donation etc.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Everyone needs them there folk with hearts of gold in their lives, and you can never have too many good people around you. Especially pretty clever ones who know that in a big fight, which stick of incense to pick out and light when saying a prayer or two for the captain of your heart. This here gal knows when cargo is only little bobblin' head geisha dolls, or the big score. She's also aware of how much fun it is to be on the outside of a caper with her gun in hand, making sure the folk of Serenity feel safe and sound. Though she couldn't be with us on our special day, she did come in on our day and do something showing she's got a mighty heart of gold, she donated to our cause and helped us do some great good in this here 'Verse. The Mid-South crew want you to give a round of thanks to:


Without her, we'd not be able to have that respectability we crave so's we can set down in port and have some R&R. Thank you for supporting us and our good works! WHOOOOOT!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


So, here we are feeling pretty shiny - when the night before we're getting ready to whoot it up with all the folk coming down for our shindig, when we get a new message... and then we feel even more shiny inside while at the same time kinda quiet with awe. We surely didn't see this comin' - another Cap'n, another Big Damn Hero wants to join up with us to do good in the 'Verse!!! Talk about having your chickens come home to roost! This here Cap'n has read a good poem or two, and knows about good luck albatrosses - cause she's one of ours. The Mid-South bunch is proud and feelin' special as can be for our newest:


You can never have enough good luck, and you've just ensured we'll have some extra to spare so we can keep on doing the good works!

YOU ROCK MIGHTILY and we are in awe... so Thank you!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


He's a BELIEVER and that pretty much says a whole lot all by its ownself, doesn't it? He is spreading the good word in any way he can, and even though he's gotta stay put in Haven caring for those folk less fortunate than us, he's donatin' to the cause. He's got our backs with his good book. So now we're covered above and below, and the Mid-South Browncoats want to give a huge shout out to:


We're kinda sad not to be able to have you with us on our special day, but you will be in our hearts and minds for a long time to come. You sir ROCK with your believin' in our cause and we want you to know - you are very, very special!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AND NOW... HERE'S ANDY!!!!!!!!

Now y'all know we aren't just gonna bore you when you come on down for the Big Damn Movie - right? Oh no! Someone very special is donating his time and his talent to help our ship fly with a big dose of humor as well as good works! That's right Memphis, for your entertaining delight, we have a VERY SHINY EMCEE - the one, the only...


Andy Fleming is a stand-up, improv, and sketch comedian who's currently honing his craft all over Memphis and the surrounding areas. Andy started doing stand-up in December 2006, and six months later was a finalist in the Comedy Tennessee's 2nd annual Funniest Person in Memphis contest. Since then, he has won the "Funniest Person in Memphis Media" contest, and took 3rd place in the Memphis Comedy Search. In June of 2008, Andy got 2nd place in the 3rd annual Funniest Person in Memphis contest. You can keep up with all of Andy's various stand-up escapades at .

Andy is also the assistant director of Wiseguys Improv, pictured, through which he hosts a super-show of stand-up and improv at Comedy Tennessee on the third Wednesday of every month at 8:15, and also performs in all The Wiseguys other shows. In May of 2008, The Wiseguys introduced their sketch show product to a sold out crowd, and creatively titled it "The Wiseguys Sketch Show." Andy is the head writer and associate producer of Wiseguys Sketch. Keep up with Wiseguys Improv & Sketch at .

Why yes, both Andy and The Wiseguys available to come do comedy at your function, thank you for asking. Just send a message to the appropriate MySpace for more info. Will do private parties, time before or between your bands, and bar mitzvahs. Or bat mitzvahs. Mitzvahs of any kind, really. (And who knows, Andy might even do it for free if it's for charity and Jewel Staite is involved.) <---------- SHHHHHHH don't tell him that Jewel is only going to be present in movie form... okay? LOL Cause then this bunch will be on our doorstep...


This here Companion is well 'Versed in the art of entre nous - she's a veritable intergalactic woman of mystery. She seeks to give because she has a heart of gold, and while words will never fail her, she is the soul of discretion. Cap'n Tightpants might say she's fast like a freak when you give her a sword, but he also knows how very, very shiny she is. And she's even shinier to the Mid-South Browncoats for being an enigma cloaked in her fine silken cape of mystery.

Everyone give a silent shout out to:


And so to you, companion in spirit - we give thanks and salute you!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This 'Verse is starting to be so shiny, that the stars are beginning to look kinda drab comparatively!! Would you believe that yet another kind soul has stepped forward to help us run this here ship we call CSTS? The Mid-South Browncoats are just full to joy with the love that's pouring in from TN Browncoats everywhere!

Come on now y'all! Everyone give a shiny round of applause to our newest Cap'n BDM!

Big Damn Hero

He knows how to shoot em politely and he can be manly AND impulsive! Whoooooooot to you and welcome aboard! =^_^=

Friday, June 13, 2008


Yes that's right, the Mid-South Browncoats have a shiny new Big Damn Hero to help us keep this good ship flyin' high! He's not backing down in this here fight for good, and he aims to misbehave in the best way possible. So everyone give a shout out to our newest

Big Damn Hero
Timothy Schule

We thank you for all the good you're helping us do in the EN & KNTR 'Verse and for supporting the BDM. You sir, are a hero!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, you can't come join us on the good ship Serenity because gas prices have you down or you've got other commitments??? But, you say you want to do some good in the 'Verse and help keep our ship flying shiny so we can have even more fun next year??

Well we have just the thing for you!! This super shiny DONATE BUTTON!! We're supporting two great causes - Equality Now and Kids Need to Read. If you've got some spare pocket change, why not hit the button and send it to us via paypal. Any amount will help and these are some great causes! Every cent donated from this point on goes to either EN or KNTR. So why not help make the 'Verse a shinier place and make yourself feel good?

<--------- A random act of kindness is just a click away! And you can say where you money goes, just give us a shout out with your donation and pick EQ, KNTR or split it up between the two. Together we can all make a big difference!

As Joss said, “Because it’s no longer enough to be a decent person. It’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news. True enlightened activism is the only thing that can save humanity from itself..." - Part of Joss's Speech of May 10, 2007



Each commemorative ticket (designed just for this event)for the Big Damn Movie is $12.00 per adult ticket and $5.00 per youngling (2 and under are free if sitting on a loving lap) through June 20, 2008. Tickets (if any remain) at the door will be $13.00 adults and $7.00 for Kids. Tickets will be handed out at check in. (We're keeping the prices low on the younglings so families can enjoy together. Email us for family pack (with families of 4 or more) prices.

Them there shiny adult tickets for CSTS
(13 and Older)


(12 and Under)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


You've all heard the stories of folk for hire to the highest bidder... Those manly mercs who laugh in the face of danger and whose best girl is named Vera. Well the Mid-South Browncoats have found such a soul who has signed on to kick butt, take names and drink Mudder's milk. And he's doing it his way, showing us that deep down inside that dirt encrusted, money grubbing bod, there's a sensitive side (or is that a dyslexic side since he's payin' us?)

So okay everyone, sing along with me - 0/` "The hero of Memphis... the man they call:


We thank you for taking the time to come out of your bunk to join us as we fight the good fight!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have to admit, with this being our first year and all - we never entertained the thought of this question until now. And then it happened. Someone snuck in and under the cover of email and paypal did us a kindness - a ginormous kindness. It was the kind of ginormous kindness which touches everything in sight and makes it very, very shiny. It's that kinda shiny which shines from the depths of the human spirit and blazes - ya know?

Fellow Browncoats, lovers of Joss Whedon, folk who love nothing more than to give and do good in the 'Verse - I give you:

The Joss Whedon -Patron Theater Sponsor:

He's a leaf on the wind, the aim in "I aim to misbehave"* and the impossible which makes us mighty. The Mid-South Browncoats are in awe because this is our first year doing this kind of thing and up until now it's been a bit of an uphill battle - and now, everything after this is all shiny. We're in the black and soaring. We have the ability to give to Equality Now and show that Mid-south folk are worthy of being up there.

Thank you Ramsey for your ginormously kind donation to the cause. It's folk like you who make the 'Verse a truly shiny place.

*noting that when Browncoats aim to misbehave it's cause they're planning to do some downright good in the 'Verse.

Friday, June 6, 2008


While traveling through the 'Verse, it's always a joy to be in the company of those who are culturally well-educated - you know those folk who are by definition, companions i.e. friends frequently in the company of another. We all need friends and the Mid-South Browncoats want to say thank you to a new one:

- Christopher McClure -

There are no black marks beside our name in the Companion Registry and having him by our side is going to mean we can have a lot more respectability on this here ship. He's our good will ambassador with a mighty fine compatibility of spirit. The Mid-South Browncoats know that while he's on board we can't help but have a darn good time. Thank you for giving us a good reason to rent our shuttle out! WHOOT!