Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have to admit, with this being our first year and all - we never entertained the thought of this question until now. And then it happened. Someone snuck in and under the cover of email and paypal did us a kindness - a ginormous kindness. It was the kind of ginormous kindness which touches everything in sight and makes it very, very shiny. It's that kinda shiny which shines from the depths of the human spirit and blazes - ya know?

Fellow Browncoats, lovers of Joss Whedon, folk who love nothing more than to give and do good in the 'Verse - I give you:

The Joss Whedon -Patron Theater Sponsor:

He's a leaf on the wind, the aim in "I aim to misbehave"* and the impossible which makes us mighty. The Mid-South Browncoats are in awe because this is our first year doing this kind of thing and up until now it's been a bit of an uphill battle - and now, everything after this is all shiny. We're in the black and soaring. We have the ability to give to Equality Now and show that Mid-south folk are worthy of being up there.

Thank you Ramsey for your ginormously kind donation to the cause. It's folk like you who make the 'Verse a truly shiny place.

*noting that when Browncoats aim to misbehave it's cause they're planning to do some downright good in the 'Verse.

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